Whoever we are, we love our furniture, and sometimes it seems like such a shame to say goodbye. This is why, here at Drapewise Interiors of Chichester, we’re glad to be able to offer a re-upholstery service, so our customers can be satisfied in the knowledge that there is still life in their old favourite pieces of furniture.

From loose covers to chairs, headboards, sofas and more, we can breath new life into old pieces – offering bespoke re-upholstery based solely on what you would like.

Perhaps you’re getting a room redone, and a piece of furniture you love doesn’t quite match the room anymore – come to us and ask about our Chichester Re-upholstery Service, because we can make that piece of furniture suit any style, theme or colour, saving you the effort of having to refurbish rooms, when the only thing wrong with what you’ve got is that it just needs a bit of a facelift!

Finding re-upholstery in West Sussex can sometimes be a pain, which is why we’re proud to be able to offer the expertise needed here at Drapewise interiors of Chichester – when you’re next in town, pop in and say hello… we’ll be glad to show you some examples of the fantastic re-upholstery we’re capable of.

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