Tracks and Poles

When choosing the right curtains, blinds and shutters for your home, there’s a truly important factor that many people find it easy to forget about. This is the track and poles – they are a truly crucial part of the overall look, and often a certain style isn’t complete without the right track or pole.

At Drapewise Interiors of Chichester, we offer a range of tracks and poles to make sure your curtains blinds and shutters look as beautiful as they’re supposed to – with brands like Swish, Silent Glass, and Byron and Byron.

Our poles come in any size, with any wood stain of any colour – so when it comes to choosing the right look for your home in Chichester and across West Sussex, Drapewise Interiors can make sure you don’t just have the perfect curtains, blinds and shutters, but also the proper poles and tracks to match.